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Meet the Staff

Wrights Opticians | Best Opticians in LeylandOur staff are what makes us who we are! This is your opportunity to meet our staff and read a little about them...



Sarah Wright

Wrights Opticians | Best Opticians in LeylandThe practice owner and daughter of the previous owners Robert and Sheila Wright. Sarah is a qualified Dispensing and Contact Lens Optician who has over 22 years experience of customer care and optics in practice. She is passionate about eye health and patient satisfaction.

The best part of Sarah’s job? ‘There are so many great parts, fitting a new contact lens wearer is always very satisfying because they’re always so happy to be free from their glasses, equally dispensing the ‘perfect pair of glasses’ is rewarding, knowing the customer looks and feels a million dollars and they will have amazing clarity of vision.  Diagnosing serious eye conditions in time for them to be treated before vision is impaired is probably the very best part’.

Alison Breen

ali againPractice manager, Alison, has been working for Wrights Opticians for 9 fun filled years, but was a patient here for 17 years before that! She has a varied background working with the public in retail environments mostly in and around Leyland town. She is great at building relationships with our patients and keeping everything and everybody organised!  She has finally married her long term partner Mr Breen (after only 25 years!) and has become a Nana in the same year. 2015 is Alisons year!

Best part of Alisons job? "I've always enjoyed organising things and I have plenty of that to do here, running the practice, but I like the people the best, I like our patients, I think they’re wonderful. ."

Charlotte Ashworth

Wrights Opticians | Best Opticians in LeylandOur student Dispensing Optician Charlotte, has finished her degree course at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge and is currently waiting for her final results to come through. She has been with the company for 16 years in different capacities (we know she doesn't look old enough!) and has done really well with her studies - so far passing her exams with flying colours and working full time at the same time. She is a busy lady! 

Best part of Charlottes job? ‘I love the people I work with, my collegues are great and we all get on really well. And studying for my Optics degree is brilliant as its going to give me a career.’

Derek Pellowe

Wrights Opticians | Best Opticians in LeylandOptometrist Derek joined Wrights Opticians 3 years ago, but has been an Optometrist for 45 years and is a very experienced tester and contact lens fitter, having taught at Manchester University Optometry Department and been an examiner for the College of Optometrists. He tells pretty good jokes too and puts everyone he meets at ease. He is especially brilliant with childrens eye testing, having six children of his own and a fair few grand children too and having been responsible for vision testing in Primary Schools in his local area of Blackpool.Outside of work Derek enjoys bee keeping and showing his dog Milo, at dog shows - here is a lovely photo of Milo!  .Best part of Dereks job? ‘New challenges, with every day bringing different things.’                                      

Dr Adebiyi

Wrights Opticians | Best Opticians in LeylandOphthalmic doctor. Dr Adebiyi has been at Wrights Opticians performing eye examinations and Diabetic Screenings for 15 years. She is a qualified medical doctor and currently also holds a position at Wigan Hospital Eye Unit, where she treats patients with cataracts and other serious eye conditions.

Best part of Dr Adebiyis job? 'I like knowing I can make a difference to peoples lives, by improving their vision and diagnosing eye conditions which can then be referred through to our NHS collegues at hospital. We are so lucky in this area to have some of the best Ophthalmic Consultants around.'