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Contact Lenses

Wrights Opticians | Best Opticians in LeylandModern contact lenses are far more comfortable than ever before. The materials available let much more oxygen through to the eyes surface, so the eye stays healthier and you can wear your lenses for longer. They also stay wetter for longer, with many lenses having surface treatments to ensure day long comfort on the eye.


Contact lenses now come in many wearing forms:

  • daily disposable
  • fortnightly disposable
  • monthly replacement
  • monthly replacement extended wear – which you can sleep in
  • six monthly replacement
  • annual

Although soft lens materials are now by far the most popular type – because they are so comfortable - we can still fit existing or new wearers with RGP (rigid gas permeable) lenses, which have some advantages. Our specialist contact lens optician Sarah Wright, will discuss at length which type of lens will suit you, your lifestyle and your visual needs, before commencing a trial.

  • Clear all-round vision
  • Often superior vision to glasses
  • No steaming up
  • No slipping down
  • No sitting on them, or damage from over enthusiastic toddlers and pets!
  • Ideal for sport including contact sports – judo, rugby and so on
  • Can be worn occasionally or full-time
  • Daily disposables require no cleaning
  • Available in varifocals forms
  • An alternative to reading glasses
  • To give you a different appearance
  • All contact lenses at Wrights Opticians are available through a standing order payment scheme to help you to spread the cost

Here at Wrights Opticians contact lens trials are not rushed. We will make sure you know everything you need to know about your lenses, from handling and cleaning, what to do in case of a mishap, lens dos and don’ts and so on, before you leave the practice with a pair. After assessing the fitting and your vision and teaching you to insert and remove and clean them, the lenses are then yours to take away and try out for 2 to 3 weeks, with full back-up 24/7 (by means of a mobile Help line, or popping into the practice) before you decide if you like them enough to proceed.

As independent opticians we can supply and fit ANY type of contact lens – we are not limited to ‘own brands’ or just ‘simple lenses’

Well, just about anyone actually. Sarah has experience in fitting children as young as 9 and seniors as old as 86. We can fit lenses to any prescription these days – although some may be more tricky than others – so if you've been turned away in the past, or stopped wearing lenses because they were uncomfy, maybe now its time to try again.   If you are interested or have any questions regarding contact lenses, please phone Sarah Wright on 01772 424296, or email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or pop into Wrights Opticians for an informal, no commitment, chat.